Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cantor was defeated.

"Illegal" being the key word here.  That was the entire reason Cantor was defeated. Cantor was trying to have it both ways. Telling his former constituents that he was against immigration reform but in congress promoting it. He got caught. He made the mistake of thinking they weren't paying attention.
There are 90 million Americans out of work...We don't need any more immigrants at this time, and we are paying attention.
Besides, Mexcan’s can't do real jobs. They are lazy and drunk all the time, so how the hell are they going to steal a meaningful job? But they know how to take the entitlements that Obama is giving out, they know how to do that very well.The rate of crime increases exponentially in states with high numbers of illegal immigrants. The illegal immigrants are just that: illegal. They enjoy the freedom that American citizens get, but do not support the country with taxes.
Obama and his Gang need to realize that we cannot support these criminals. law breakers, illegal immigrants, or what else you want to call them.,.. If the MEXICANS want to come to this country, they are goinbg to have to do it the right way. Don't sneak over here and expect things to be handed to you, especially when they aren't paying taxes or contributing anything to society.
Yes we conservatives are for Immigration reform, but ONLY the legal way
The Tea Party is for immigration reform that first includes sealing our border....then providing for LEGAL, fair, restricted and organized immigration......protecting American jobs..Our immigration system is broken, and the evidence is overwhelming. Obama and his cronies let in million of undocumented immigrants ( other words for ILLEGAL’S) and they are swarming all over the United States.
First, we need to secure the border. We can’t have a secure country without a secure border.
Second, we need to enforce our laws. Otherwise, we will repeat the mistakes of the past.
Third, we need to encourage legal immigration, and do whatever it takes to DIScourage illegal immigration!
And we should NOT grant amnesty to illegal immigrants...period.
 Illegally crossing a border is a crime. Why should they be rewarded for it?

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