Sunday, October 19, 2014

Our Confidence in Our Government Must Be Restored with New Leadership.

What has become of our confidence in our Government since Barack Hussein Obama became President?
There has been a loss of confidence in every aspect of our Government since Barack Hussein Obama became President, and wherever and whoever you speak to will tell you that they no longer trust or believe anything that is said ot us by any member of the administration, about anything. But don’t worry our drear leader will take care of you.  He’ll send in a “Czar“ to fix whatever trouble's you may have...
And as late here has been the continued loss of confidence Americans regarding the information told to us by the Center for Disease Control, the Secret Service,  the Department of Justice and even the Internal Revenue Service. The term and a half of Barack Hussein Obama has been a series of lies, scandals, and failures.

The latest example was the naming of Ron Klain Ebola tp be the Ebola Czar!  Like we really needed another Czar!   We saw what happened the last time Obama appointed a “Czar“, didn’t we!  Well this time our  “Czar“, seems to have NO Medical or Health background or experience, NONE at ALL!
But who needs any experience when you have the credentials of being a former chief of staff to Al Gore and Joe Biden.
Does a background with those credentials make you feel any safer about the threat of a Ebola epidemic?  Will Mr. Klain help us prevent an outbreak of the plague?  Well, you figure it out!

I think that most Americans, not including the Progressive crowd aka the  “low information” ignorant ones, who are calling us Republicans-Conservatives,”Fear Mongers”  are a bit more than disappointed with the President these days. And it’s totally understandable.  Who wouldn’t when their Hero, their “Messiah” got the worst marks ever for his handling the Ebola situation, as well as the  situation in Iraq, with 52 percent disapproving rating, his lowest yet. DISSATISFACTION with Obama’s handling ISSI, and his foreign policy has shot up among both Republicans and Democrats in the past month and he has been sinking in the polls with members of his own party so much that they don’t even want his endorsements in the upcoming November elections. In fact most of the members of his own party don’t even want o be seen with him. ,

We’re feeling the effects of the Obama Recession and its obvious that this failed liberal policies are not working, not at home and not abroad.  And guess who was in charge of Obama’s “stimulus” program? RON KLAIN, THE NEW “EBOLA CZAR”.

Only the naive or ignorant uninformed believe that the government knows what they are doing. Their answer to every problem government encounters is spend more money.  .

Our Secretary of State, John Kerry, is going around telling people in the third world who don’t even drink water from a glass, because they don’t have one. that mankind is doomed because “climate change”!  And that  “climate change” will destroy all life unless billions of dollars are spent in ways that will avoid it. How’s that for “Fear Mongering? How’s that for telling the world that the “Sky is Falling”

Obama has sent more than 4,000 of our military to Africa’s Ebola hot zone and he did so rapidly as what will be described as a humanitarian gesture, but he has never seen any necessity to dispatch our military to our southern border to stem illegal entry. Indeed, his administration has taken Arizona to court when it passed legislation to address the problem. In the meantime, we are left to wonder what will happen if our soldiers become ill with Ebola?

Our military’s mission is now being redirected to addressing “climate change” or going to Africa to help cure that dreaded decease.  Is this why our Brave men enlisted (YES enlisted) in the military, to go to Africa and be exposed themselves to a plague like Ebola?  Instead of NOT being withdrawn from Iraq, where there is a new, larger and far more dangerous situation, the Islamic State, ISIS, not ISIl has emerged, and stretching into Syria as well. Beheading Americans!
This ISIS bunch seems a lot more dangerous than Al-Qaeda was. But then again Al-Qaeda is gone, as our dear leader told us, they are on the run.  So what the hell are so frightened about? 

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