Friday, October 17, 2014

The Shape of Our Nation!

Every single crisis America has faced Obama has botched, he often cuts and runs to the campaign trail because he can't handle said crisis. This nation has no President, we have a incompetent blabber mouth who would rather party with the Hollywood libs and play Golf then run the country.  Who spends his days with the rich and famous while the nation is being run by radical liberal thugs like Eric Holder. If the media reported half the truth the public would be grabbing their pitch forks and heading to the Isolated bubble of Ignorance known as Washington.
There is plenty of information out there for voters if they want to go to the trouble to look for it, or if they tune into a TV or Radio station that is not run by a bunch of radical Commies. . But when you are busy watching reality TV, or the “Night Sow” with fools like Letterman or Bill Maher., you don't have time to look around for actual facts. It is just easier to get your news from name calling idiots who make up the news instead of

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